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Help Save the Hemsby Coastline

Save Hemsy Coastline from coastal erosion

The village of Hemsby in Norfolk has become the latest victim of coastal erosion after high tides swept away the lifeboat launching ramp. More than eight feet of beach has disapppeared from Hemsby near Great Yarmouth in recent days and there are concerns that more could go.

Hemsby is open for business and would like people to come and see the erosion for themselves and support the communities efforts.


Our aim is to continue to raise awareness of the coastal erosion plight facing Hemsby. We have been well covered and supported by the News teams both locally and nationally and have been featured on BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Look East, Anglian News and in the papers such as The Guardian G2 and Eastern Daily Press.

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Working in partnership with the volunteer crew of the Hemsby Lifeboat to support both their efforts in keeping us safe in the water but also with the sterling work they do for the whole community.

Highlighted recently when 5 more houses were sadly demolished, it was the lifeboat crew once again out helping rescue people's possessions, calling the council to arrange for temporary accommodation and offering support when needed.

Hemsby Lifeboat being thanked by GYBC-01

The crew of the Hemsby Lifeboat being thanked for their efforts during the recent crisis. The Mayor of Great Yarmouth acknowledging the part they played in managing the situation.

Hemsby is open for business and would love people to come, enjoy the beach and support the community efforts.

Now you have seen the devastation being caused right now to people's lives and livelihoods, please act and support our work.

Save Hemsy Coastline from coastal erosion

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