In the News - Our Fight for Sea Defences for Hemsby

Our ongoing battle to save the Hemsby coastline and ensure the future of people's homes, businesses, and livelihoods has gathered a lot of media attention which we present here.

Without access to the beach, Hemsby will stop being a generator of income for Norfolk which is estimated to be worth around £88 - £90 million per year. If you take that over the lifespan of the proposed Rock Berm then this amounts to over £2 Billion pounds!

According to Coastal Protection East and Great Yarmouth Borough Council, we are not worth enough to save. We beg to differ.

Local and National News & Media Reporting

‘Climate refugees’ sue British government for failing to protect homes from climate change

Europe’s most important court has ruled that protection from climate…

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Man who lost his Norfolk home to North Sea coastal erosion SUES the government for not doing enough on global warming

A man who claims to have been made a ‘climate…

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Homeowner who lost house to coastal erosion sues Government

ECHR climate change ruling boosts case brought by former marine…

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Lines in the Sand – Podcast

Carbon Copy visited Hemsby to see the realities of the…

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‘It’s a disaster’: Heartbreak as clifftop collapse sparks frantic weekend

Cars stranded as part of clifftop road collapses in Hemsby.…

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Life on the Edge – Hemsby Coastal Disaster

The scenery around Kevin Jordan’s house is about to make…

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Between the sea and the sky – Stephanie Beeston

As a community is slowly lost to coastal erosion, one…

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Hemsby resident wants to take government to court over coastal erosion plan

Kevin Jordan is one of two joining with ‘Save Hemsby…

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Renewed calls for new sea defences at Hemsby as Storm Ciaran hits

A yellow weather warning for wind is now in place…

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Claimants take UK government to court over inadequate climate adaptation

Kevin Jordan, whose home is 5 metres from the cliff…

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Climate change increases speed of erosion in Hemsby

Spanish TV channel RTVE had heard about the plight of…

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Hemsby – It’s been a devastating weekend

There are desperate calls in Hemsby for the funding for…

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Sue Slatford Guardian story losing homes to coastal erosion in Hemsby Rock Berm NOW

Experience: I lost my home to the sea

We’d had so many storms and I didn’t think in…

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Stay or go? Rising seas threaten to chase people from UK coasts

Britain’s coastal communities face growing climate threat as sea level…

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Save Hemsby Coastline working to raise awareness of the coastal erosion threat to Hemsby

Rapid coastal erosion in Norfolk threatens homes and businesses

Had we been listened to ten years ago, we’d have…

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Hemsby: Lifeboat out of service after more coastal erosion

A lifeboat serving a village plagued by coastal erosion is…

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Save Hemsby Coastline by raising public awareness of our coastal erosion plight and raising funds to help protect our coastline.

Losing your home is a massive thing – how the climate crisis came to Norfolk

In Hemsby, people are watching their houses fall into the…

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Hemsby Erosion – Residents remain defiant for sea defence

After the recent storms, Kevin’s home and six others now…

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Rock defense work starts on erosion hit Hemsby coast

Work has started to protect a vulnerable stretch of coastline…

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Emergency sea defences ‘too late’ for cliff-top homes lost to coastal erosion in Hemsby, Norfolk

Thousands of tonnes of rock is being shipped to a…

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Warning coastal erosion in Norfolk will harm tourism as houses pulled down

Councillor says continuing loss of land to the sea would…

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Fears for future of Norfolk seaside resort as erosion forces closure of beach

Hemsby residents say sea defences are crucial as beach is…

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Popular Norfolk beach shuts as alarming speed of erosion threatens coastal homes

The coastline at Hemsby, just north of Great Yarmouth, has…

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Now you have seen the devastation being caused right now to people's lives and livelihoods, please act and support our work.

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