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The people of Hemsby have been hit again by erosion to their beach. Again homes have been lost and businesses impacted. This is the third event in 10 years.

If nothing is done then this will accelerate and more damage will be done. The mental health impact on those who have lost everything is immeasurable. For those watching homes fall into the sea the pressure is as bad, knowing if nothing is done they will be their fate too. The solution is known and costed. We need a rock berm for our whole beachfront and we need it now. We need central government to step in and take ownership of the problem. We need action now.

Hemsby Independent Lifeboat and Save Hemsby Coastline campaign to save Hemsby coastline and work together to protect our village.

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Write to your Member of Parliament

Coastal erosion is a national problem as well as a local disaster and needs the UK Government to step in to help. Make sure that this topic remains on the top of the agenda by requesting the assistance of your local MP. Campaign to save Hemsby coastline.

Residents write to our Land Owner-01

Marrams Residents - Write to Your Landlord!

It seems that, in order to move forward with the approved plans and licence for the permanent works, funding needs to come from not only the Local Council and the Government but also from the land owners.

We need to make our voices heard as paying residents of the Marrams and the other land that they own or manage and to hear from them what they have planned to help protect their and our property.

Now you have seen the devastation being caused right now to people's lives and livelihoods, please act and support our work.

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Save Hemsy Coastline from coastal erosion

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