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With the return of the warmer weather and the start of the holiday season, Hemsby welcomes holidaymakers back to our beach. Unfortunately, a few visitors are ignoring the important safety notices and are climbing, and in some cases allowing their children to play, on the fragile, crumbling dunes.

Not only is this accelerating the erosion we are suffering from which will lead sadly to more people losing their beloved homes, but on top of, and contained within, the dunes themselves are materials, pipes, and wires from the last century or more of people living and holidaying on The Marrams. If you couple this with the very real risk of collapse and being buried in sand then we urge all our visitors to enjoy the beach - but stay off the dunes!

The aim is to raise public awareness of the coastal erosion plight facing Hemsby and to raise funds to help protect our dunes, coastline and livelihoods!

The village of Hemsby in Norfolk is a victim of coastal erosion after high tides swept away more homes. More than eight feet of the beach has disappeared from Hemsby near Great Yarmouth in recent months and the fear that more could go - is happening.


Help build our funds to fight on!

Hemsby contributes £88M to Norfolk’s economy each year from its tourism-based infrastructure.

But we are at a tipping point. Lack of action now will mean the beach continues to vanish, in turn leading to economic and social damage to the village and a knock-on effect to Norfolk

Every pound that you can give will make a big difference


How you can add your voice!

The people of Hemsby have been hit again by erosion to their beach. Again homes have been lost and businesses impacted. The solution is known and costed. We need a rock berm for our whole beachfront and we need it now.

We need central government to step in and take ownership of the problem. We need action now.

Hemsby Independent Lifeboat and Save Hemsby Coastline are working together to protect our village.


We need everyone's voice!

The coastal erosion facing Hemsby has been well covered recently by News teams both locally and nationally and has been featured on BBC Radio NorfolkBBC Look East, Anglian News and in the papers such as The Guardian G2 and Eastern Daily Press.

We now need your help to keep the spotlight on Hemsby. Follow this link to be updated with our activities along the path to our goal of a permanent rock-berm for Hemsby.

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Many online retailers like eBay allow you to 'Round-Up' your payment and give a
little to charity - next time you see this...Think Save Hemsby Coastline

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Save Hemsby Coastline by raising public awareness of our coastal erosion plight and raising funds to help protect our coastline.

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Our Activities...

Local Marrams Resident, supported by Save Hemsby Coastline, joins Friends of the Earth to legally challenge the Government over its climate adaptation plans.


If you are visiting the 2023 Lifeboat Day on the 13th August, be sure to look out for us! We will be in front of the Lacon Arms from 10:00 am, with our reprinted Calendar for sale!

History of the surge tides Hemsy & The East coast-01

A sparkling and interesting night had by all, kindly hosted by the Lacon Arms with all proceeds going to Save Hemsby Coastline and Hemsby Independent Lifeboat

Hemsby is open for business and would love people to come, enjoy the beach and support the community efforts.

Now you have seen the devastation being caused right now to people's lives and livelihoods, please act and support our work.

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Save Hemsy Coastline from coastal erosion

Contact Us

Lorna Bevan
The Lacon Arms, Sea View Rd
Norfolk, NR29 4JG.